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New Feature: Mark Participants as Finished!

The Why:

Our client, Swim Across America, unites the swimming community by hosting benefit swims that raise money to fund life saving cancer research and clinical trials. They came to us with a new feature request to address an important safety issue they have on the day of their peer-to-peer events. Swim Across America needed the ability to identify when a swimmer has left the water. They needed to be able to see if everyone made it out of the water safely and in turn know how many individuals (if any) are still in the water.

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Improve Participant Retention

improve participant retention rates

As you know, keeping a participant involved in your peer-to-peer events year over year isn’t always easy. But by adding mobile technology to the day of your event, it can be! We find that by creating a smoother and more efficient day-of experience, you can create a lasting impression and ensure higher participant retention rates.

Use Mobile Technology to Create a Positive Experience from the Start

Here’s how you can use mobile technology to create a positive experience from the start, leaving participants with a positive impression that lasts:

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Event Day Donor Retention

Make Donor Retention a Priority on the Day of Your Event

What is your strategy for using a peer-to-peer event to grow your donor base? Do you have a protocol to engage and retain first-time participants? Or do the majority of these people end up being “one and done” – engaged for the day but not for the future? In our experience, we’ve found that organizations often feel forced to choose the latter.

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[GUEST POST] 4 Design Capabilities to Look for in Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software

When you’re looking for software to support your peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns online, it’s important to consider the software’s design capabilities. Depending on your budget and your staff’s technical knowledge, you may want software that offers easy-to-use templates, or you may want as much flexibility as possible to create your own designs.

Here are some design capabilities to think about as you evaluate peer-to-peer fundraising software platforms for your nonprofit: Read More

Paperless Registration

A User's Guide To: Paperless Registration. Grassroots Unwired.

Eliminate Paper and Save Hours on Post Peer-to-Peer Event Reconciliation

Setting the scene:

So you’ve just completed a successful peer-to-peer event (congratulations!) and naturally you’re completely drained. The night before your event was a late night of last-minute event prep, course setup, volunteer organizing and restless sleep. And as race morning goes, the alarm clock went off well before the sun.

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3 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Takeaways – BBCon 2018

This year Grassroots Unwired brought their biggest team yet to Blackbaud’s annual customer conference in Orlando, Florida.

Just in case your head is still spinning from attending inspirational keynotes, product roadmap sessions and intensive report-building sessions, we distilled the top three takeaways for peer to peer fundraisers:

  1. A trend that may continue into 2019 is a shift toward walk events. While running, cycling and endurance fundraising events have seen a decrease in revenue since 2012, walk events have actually grown 5% in the same time period. This shift is most likely due to a walk event’s accessibility, which allows team captains to recruit more supporters per event and ultimately, raise more funds.
  2. Millenials are moving away from traditional donation channels, (think: giving to institutions via planned giving) to DIY and crowdfunding which are typically not event-based or driven by the organization. Only 18% of fundraisers want to support national causes showing a significant downmarket shift.
  3. Peer-to-Peer fundraising still beats the ROI of traditional fundraising efforts like direct mail and email for acquisition of new donors. Events in particular can be a great opportunity to galvanize your supporters and engage them year over year to cultivate them into your top donors.

If you missed checking out our sponsor booth, you can learn more about our integration with Blackbaud here.

– Written by Cynthia León, Grassroots Unwired VP of Business Development