Grassroots Unwired bridges traditional advocacy with groundbreaking technology.


Grassroots Unwired has the features that any nonprofit or political advocacy organization needs to create a successful ground game around messaging or fundraising.

Fundraising & Event Management

Our 4EventDay Mobile Platform picks up where your online tools leave off! Sync from your P2P site, complete check-ins and same day registrations. Full offline functionality.

Donation & Data Management

Capture donations in real-time. Use Grassroots Unwired to export data for use with your favorite CRM. No more paper, no more data entry.

Constituent Engagement

Validate vital contact information in real time. Tell your organization's story and enhance the conversations out in the field.

Mobile Canvassing

Custom, multilingual surveys. Keep track of your canvassers with fraud protection real-time reports.

Fillable Forms

Fillable PDFs are great for advocacy petitions, pledge cards, signature drives, voter registration, membership forms or contracts that can be emailed from the field to a legislative target.

Canvasser and Turf Management

Manage multiple locations, create different crews, use geo fencing for street canvassers.

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Newest Innovation from Grassroots Unwired

I C Voters

Virtual Door Knock software gets you Face-to-Face with voters.

Virtual Door Knock software gets you Face-to-Face with voters

ICVoters is the newest addition to our end-to-end canvassing management platform that enables video canvassing in places where the ability to go door-to-door is limited.