Grassroots and Legislative Advocacy App

Advocacy has become a mainstay in our Democracy and can take many different forms:

  • Attending a rally
  • Sending a letter to or emailing your representative
  • Signing a petition
  • Posting your perspective on social media

Yet, regardless of the various forms of advocacy, the best way to galvanize support for a cause continues to be talking to people face-to-face. Having a conversation with someone is the most effective means of building a relationship and getting someone to take action. Our Grassroots and Legislative Advocacy App has made it possible to bring what has typically been viewed as web-based activity into a mobile environment. Our platform enables your org to:

  • Survey someone and just minutes later send an email from that person about a specific policy initiative to a legislator
  • Collect survey responses and instantly send them back to headquarters instead of having to wait for data entry to be completed
  • Capture photos of supporters to use on social media
  • Capture E-Signatures on petitions and bulk print them to deliver to legislators
  • No connection? No problem. Our app continues to work even when offline.
  • Use our built in peer to peer texting to engage with your targets
  • Use our exclusive “social selfie” feature to get supporters to share your messages on their social media pages

We Offer:
– Competitive Pricing
– An out-of-the-box solution
– A direct point of contact for all of your support needs

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