3 Things to Know About Building an Advocacy Website

3 Things to Know About Building an Advocacy Website

This is a guest post contributed by Ira Horowitz at Cornershop Creative. 

Whether you’re a nonprofit professional with years of experience or a new volunteer for a grassroots-level community group, you know that successful advocacy efforts depend on your group’s ability to mobilize its supporters. The more voices you have calling for change related to your specific cause, the more likely you are to be heard by the stakeholders who hold the power to create that change.  Read More

Peer-to-Peer Best Practices: Top Insights from Grassroots Unwired’s Panel with NXUnite

Diana McMillan, Director of Operations at Grassroots Unwired, joined NXUnite’s panel “Phone a Friend: Peer-to-Peer Best Practices for Nonprofits” with peer-to-peer experts Sarah Massie of Bonfire, Emily Rasmussen of Grapevine, and Kenneth Burke of Text Request to discuss the best strategies for your next peer-to-peer fundraising event.

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Improve Your Advocacy Skills: 4 Effective Methods

Grassroots advocacy campaigns require inventive planning, a deep knowledge of the advocacy landscape, and unwavering dedication to your cause. Of course, to make the most of these factors, you’ll also need to have strong advocacy skills and know how to put them to use. 

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Planning a Bikeathon Fundraiser: The Complete Guide

One of the most popular fundraising event types for nonprofits and advocacy groups is a-thon style fundraisers. These types of events ask participants to collect donations from their friends and family based on their ability to do an activity as much as or as long as possible. For example, you’ve probably heard of charity walkathons, and swimathons have grown in popularity.

A bikeathon fundraiser is very similar to a walkathon or swimathon, except that you ask participants to bike a set course to raise funds for your cause. The peer-to-peer fundraising component of a cycle event works the same way: participants share individual fundraising pages with their friends and family, who pledge to donate based on how far their loved one cycles. Read More

Planning and Hosting a Virtual Event: 5 Important Steps

Prior to the pandemic, the majority of nonprofit events were held in person. That was the best way to get face-time with prospective supporters and to raise awareness of important causes. But everything changed in 2020. There was a major scramble from nonprofits and for-profits alike, all trying to move their events from the standard in-person engagement to an online platform. 

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Organizing a Swimathon Fundraiser: The Complete Guide

For many nonprofits and advocacy groups, events are a core component of your fundraising strategy. Fundraising events bring the community together, spread awareness about your cause, and raise money for your organization all at the same time. Some of the most popular fundraising events ask participants to raise money through physical activity—for example, you’ve probably heard of charity walkathons and 5K race events.

But your fundraising events don’t have to be confined to dry land! A swimathon fundraiser will also provide all of the benefits of an athletic event fundraiser. Plus, it will stand out from the walking and running fundraising events that other organizations will likely host, allowing you to attract participants and spread the word about your cause. Read More

Advocacy Software: 14 Top Platforms to Mobilize Supporters

Gaining Support for Your Cause: 9 Campaign Canvassing Tips

The key to creating societal change today is advocacy. Speaking up on behalf of a group that is directly affected by an issue happens at all levels, but the most important influences often begin at the grassroots level, through community advocacy campaigns.

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Investing in Field? Hold Vendors Accountable

Whether you care about climate change, a woman’s right to govern her body, or stopping reactionary Republicans from eroding even more of our democratic norms, elections matter as much as they ever have, and the field programs in support of great candidates are a critical part of swaying public opinion and winning elections. When you hire a vendor to knock doors and speak with voters, you are entrusting them with potentially millions of dollars. But more than that, you’re counting on them to make the difference in close elections with vast consequences for your stakeholders and constituents. So you must ensure accountability and visibility.

How do we know what is occurring in the field on a get out the vote (GOTV) or persuasion campaign? The truth is: we don’t. Most field vendors can present precise stats for things like attempts, voter preferences, and universe penetration. Most work hard to deploy a well-trained team of canvassers who are motivated by the mission. There is too much at stake not to have the highest levels of accountability for field programs, but when even the most reputable vendors are knocking tens of thousands of doors per day, it is impossible to have experiential quality control.

The solution: technology platforms with accountability functions built in.

Grassroots Unwired was founded by campaigners with a long experience managing electoral field campaigns. We know from firsthand experience how hard it is to guarantee your plans are being followed precisely in the field. When we created Grassroots Unwired for cutting turf, supervising field teams, and managing millions of data points and moving them seamlessly between your CRM and the voter file, we made sure top notch accountability tools were there from the start.

Grassroots Unwired:

  1. Tracks canvassers’ movements in real time. If a canvasser is not moving but is entering results, our software flags those entries as worth investigating.
  2. Works whether or not a device has connectivity (store and forward) so there is no excuse for canvassers to stop canvassing.
  3. Unlocks the power of your data. Instead of using limited reports run out of the voter file, you’ll have access to every measurable stage of every interaction. You can conduct everything from time-of-day assessments to person-by-person results analysis and even A/B test messaging in real time.
  4. Builds out real-time war rooms for campaigns so every level of management has the information it needs presented the way it needs, all right at its fingertips.

Ready to learn how Grassroots Unwired can improve the efficacy of your field program with greater accountability? Schedule a 30-minute informational session.

No matter what you are using Grassroots Unwired for, Grassroots Unwired provides tablets, software, and wireless data connectivity. There is a set-up fee to get started, and then pricing varies by how you use Grassroots Unwired. Grassroots Unwired costs an extra $0.07 per knock on average as compared to free solutions – that’s a 1% price increase for the average field program. And the peace of mind in knowing that your field teams are where they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to be doing? Priceless.

Schedule your 30-minute informational session now and lock in Grassroots Unwired for your fall campaign. The stakes are too high not to be at your best.

Community Advocacy: The Complete Guide to Mobilize Change

Advocacy happens at all levels, and while the news might report primarily on movements happening at the national level, much of the most important advocacy work begins at the grassroots level in individual communities. Through community advocacy campaigns, grassroots groups and other advocacy organizations can leverage their communities to tackle issues that strike close to home and make a tangible difference. 

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Political Campaign Software: 9 Tools to Manage Your Campaign

Political campaigns have evolved dramatically over the past few years, and today, modern campaigns require modern software solutions to connect with voters. To meet these changing needs, there are a variety of political campaign software solutions available, though with such a large section of choices, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for your campaign. 

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