Improve Participant Retention

Improve Participant Retention

improve participant retention rates

As you know, keeping a participant involved in your peer-to-peer events year over year isn’t always easy. But by adding mobile technology to the day of your event, it can be! We find that by creating a smoother and more efficient day-of experience, you can create a lasting impression and ensure higher participant retention rates.

Use Mobile Technology to Create a Positive Experience from the Start

Here’s how you can use mobile technology to create a positive experience from the start, leaving participants with a positive impression that lasts:

  1. Optimize check-in: scan individualized barcodes that will allow you to efficiently check-in individuals and teams in half the time of paper check-in.
  2. Make day-of registrations simple: Mirror your online registration in a mobile application that works even if you don’t have an internet connection on site. This will allow you to seamlessly collect and validate email addresses, cell phone numbers, and even additional donations.
  3. Connect with your participants: automatically send a customized email or text message once they are checked-in, inviting them to get involved in their community and support your organization year round, thank them for their participation, or remind them to register for next year’s event.

What This Means for You:

  1. No more long lines surrounding your check-in and registration process, get your event started on-time!
  2. No need to corral your participants into long, alphabetical lines; volunteers can be mobile will be able to check-in and register an individual.
  3. Free time! Free time for your participants to get involved with activities you have planned for pre-race, take advocacy actions, or purchase swag.
  4. Enjoy the event knowing that all the data you are collecting is securely stored in the cloud and all the funds you’ve collected that day are reconciled.

Final thoughts:

All of these features boost your efforts in creating a positive and lasting experience for both your participants and your volunteers, which leads to achieving your ultimate goal of increasing your peer-to-peer participant retention rates year over year!

For more information or a demo of our Peer-to-Peer Mobile Solution, please reach out to us.

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