We offer several unique mobile integrations with 3rd party tools which allow clients to send emails, SMS, and digital ads directly from the field using information collected during the survey to inform the content. Using these services we can also verify email addresses and cell phones in real-time so that the data being sent back to the Grassroots Unwired dashboard is as accurate as possible.

Infrastructure/API Partners
Amazon Web ServicesEnterprise Class Data StorageActive
CloudnexaServer InfrastructureActive
ZapierApplication ConnectorsComing Soon
Marketing/List Building
Upland Mobile MessagingSMSActive
TwilioEmail AuthenticationActive
CatalistList BuildingActive
Payment Processing
VantivCredit Card and Check ProcessingActive
iATSCredit Card and Check ProcessingActive
CRM's and Databases
ROI SolutionsCRM for NonprofitsActive
Blackbaud's Luminate OnlineCRM for NonprofitsActive
RallyboundCRM for NonprofitsActive
DonorDriveCRM for NonprofitsActive
ActionKitCRM for AdvocacyActive
NeonCRMCRM for NonprofitsComing Soon
NGP VanVoter DatabaseComing Soon