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Digital Fundraising with Peer-to-Peer Texting

What a year. In this new reality, you’re working to reimagine how you connect with donors, while protecting the safety and well being of your canvassers and volunteers. Now, the newest software solution from Grassroots Unwired lets you adapt to this changing world in a groundbreaking way — I C Donors digital fundraising with peer-to-peer texting.

I C Voters offers powerful virtual canvassing capabilities that help your team cultivate connections with voters.

Build Connections Through Our Peer-to-Peer Texting App

 There’s light at the end of the COVID tunnel but safety still needs to be a priority. Make in-person canvassing safer for your canvassers and constituents. Donors enter their information into their own phone – no exchange of credit cards or capturing digital signatures necessary.

The IC Voters virtual canvassing platform allows you to quickly connect with voters after your conversation.

Email & SMS post survey follow-up to supporters

Easily continue your conversation even once the digital door is closed. Follow up with one time donors to encourage them to become monthly donors.

Securely process payments within the I C Voters virtual canvassing platform.

PCI compliant donation capture

Safe, secure, and convenient payment processing features are built into our peer-to-peer texting app so you can raise more for your cause.

Divide up virtual canvassing within I C Voters.

Powerful turf-cutting & canvasser management

Easily divide responsibilities among digital canvassers and track progress.

Virtual canvassing allows your team to easily connect with voters in whatever language they speak.

Multilingual scripts

Prepare canvassing scripts for multiple languages, all in one platform.

Follow up

Real-time reporting

Get a live snapshot of your virtual canvassing efforts and make adjustments as needed.

The IC Voters virtual canvassing platform can integrate with VAN so that everything your campaign needs is in one place.

Integration with your favorite CRM

Seamlessly connect with your CRM for even more capabilities.

Easily provide your digital canvassers with customized scripts for different voter types and conversation topics.

Robust script branching

Easily provide your digital canvassers with customized messaging for different supporter types and conversation topics.

The IC Voters virtual canvassing platform works for a variety of campaign sizes.


Manage campaigns across state or country with our scalable virtual canvassing platform.

How it works

Peer-to-Peer texting provides a seamless user experience that helps your team text your supporters with updates, fundraising asks, and more

Virtual canvassing can be conducted from any location, on any internet-connected device.

Log On From Anywhere

The portal can be accessed on the virtual canvasser’s device of choice: tablet, mobile device, laptop, or desktop. “Cut Turf” and assign lists and scripts to digital door knockers in real-time.

With virtual canvassing, you can send voters a link or schedule for a more convenient time.

Text with a Link

With the peer-to-peer texting app, the donor does not need to be home in order to respond, schedule a call or submit a donation.

Virtual canvassing technology allows you to safely connect with voters face-to-face.

Link to Video Chat

Finally, face-to-face with your supporters. With digital door-knocking, canvassers can focus on what matters — building relationships. And since virtual canvassing can be conducted from anywhere at any time, time of day and time zones are not a barrier.

Get end-to-end insight directly in the application

Schedule time with constituents when it’s convenient

Video calls can be recorded and shared as endorsements

One benefit of virtual canvassing software is the ability to change your strategy based on real-time data.

Adapt Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Strategy in a Snap

Make adjustments based on real-time canvasser progress. Send new targets or revised messaging out to virtual canvassers with just a few clicks. Relay information to your team or provide login access and tracking data to district managers.

Make Data-Driven Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Decisions

All your virtual canvassing data is available and accessible in real-time. Easily compile custom reports on text responses, donations received, or script success. Use these reports to make smarter decisions and send them to group directors.

The I C Voters virtual canvassing platform makes it easy to gather and report all your digital door-knocking data in one place.
Build connections with voters safely through virtual canvassing.

Focus on what matters: building relationships.

One of the greatest challenges ahead of us all is adopting new ways of fostering genuine human connections without being physically present with one another. Fundraising looks different than we are used to, but peer-to-peer texting can unlock new opportunities for relationships and for democracy.

By using the Grassroots Unwired virtual peer-to-peer texting app, you can spend more time connecting with interested parties and collecting more donations. Peer-to-peer texting and digital door-knocking allows us to capture moments of real connection despite the space between us.

Every tool in our end-to-end virtual canvassing platform is coordinated to ensure an enjoyable and seamless outreach experience.

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