Canvassing Software by Grassroots Unwired

Grassroots Unwired Canvassing Software makes it easy for canvassers to have productive conversations.

You’re sitting at home when someone with a clipboard knocks on the door and asks to speak with you or another member of your family. This is the traditional way of canvassing that Grassroots Unwired has taken to the next level. We have eliminated the clipboard. With Grassroots Unwired Canvassing Software, when a canvasser arrives at a home they will use the marketing information uploaded onto the tablet to start a productive, tailored conversation. All while recording answers, encouraging donations, and confirming contact information. Thanks to the integration between Grassroots Unwired and Twilio, email addresses and cell phone numbers will be verified on the spot, ensuring the most accurate constituent information.

Mobile Canvassing Software for Street Fundraising

We have all experienced people on street corners in major metropolitan areas trying to catch our attention. Historically, it was clipboard-wielding college kids who were working hard to get names added to a donor or advocacy list. Then, at the end of the day, they would bring their clipboards back to headquarters and manually complete data entry. This typically took hours. There were often inaccuracies because of typing mistakes or illegible handwriting. But now, with our innovative mobile canvassing app and digital canvassing software, college kids are armed with android tablets, which effectively eliminate the barriers to building a solid donor or advocacy list. People can enter their information onto the tablets, their email addresses will be instantly verified, and their information will be sent to a safe, comprehensive database.

Powerful Canvassing Tools for Campaign Managers

After years of in-house experience, from our campaign warriors to our professional canvassers and our outstanding community volunteers, we know that information needs to be accurately collected so you can use it to empower your campaign or cause.

Whether the question is how many doors were knocked in the last hour or how much money has been raised, our mapping & real-time reporting tools will be available at your fingertips.

The Grassroots Unwired canvassing app includes powerful turf management capabilities.

Turf Management

Using our canvassing software you can cut turf for today or future dates and assign areas to specific canvassers.

Our mobile canvassing app makes it easy to adapt on the fly.


Make shift changes as canvassing data comes in based on how your canvassers are doing (i.e., number of doors knocked on).

Grassroots Unwired political canvassing software enables you to track and manager your canvassers in real-time.

User Management & Accountability

Our canvassing software allows you to see where canvassers are at all times, in real-time, ensuring canvassers are in their designated zones, hitting the doors on their assigned turf. 

Our canvassing software includes powerful reporting features.

Real-time reporting

Incoming data can be reviewed by field directors in real-time. A custom dashboard provides a snapshot of your efforts at any given time.

Inside Our Canvassing Software

Grassroots Unwired Canvassing Software has an intuitive visual tool to cut turf for canvassers.

Turf Management

Color code the pins on the map using information from your data-set, so you can see the types of homes canvassers will be visiting in order to assign them accordingly

Grassroots Unwired Canvassing Software has detailed canvasser tracking and fraud prevention tools.

Canvasser and Campaign Tracking

All activities from the field are logged into the GRU platform in real-time including; survey start and end times, latitude/longitude of each attempted survey, gap times in between surveys, total time in the field and total time doing the work. Learn more about Canvasser Accountability.

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