Offline Payments

Offline Payments

We Can Collect Offline Payments

Imagine you are in the field, engaging your supporters face to face. Someone is ready to make a donation to your cause; you go to process their credit card and notice that you don’t have cell service or WiFi. With the Grassroots Unwired mobile solution you can still securely process this credit card payment, even when offline.

How are we able to do that?

Well, I am glad you asked! Because we use a Native app, losing data or WiFi has no effect on any of the functionality and you can continue to do your work without interruption.

If your signal is dropped or you lose WiFi, our app (in conjunction with a specially developed card swiper) locally stores and encrypts each survey response, registration, and credit card captured on our platform. Once connectivity is regained, we push the information to our servers to complete the transaction and data collection process.

*In shock, but still reading on*

With other platforms, a lack of connectivity means you have to turn away supporters or revert to paper (ugh!). Even if others claim to work offline, you need to make sure the data stored locally is truly secured. Our partners appreciate that our card swipers provide end to end encryption, especially partners working in rural areas, inside buildings, or to anyone who’s had a dead zone get in the way of their advocacy.

If you are engaging potential supporters face to face, ensure nothing prevents you from converting them on the spot!

For more information or a demo of our platform please reach out to us.

– Written by Chelsea Lapent, Grassroots Unwired Account Executive

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