Donation and Dues Processing

Grassroots Unwired Proprietary Payment Capture and Card Reader Integrations:

Donation and dues processing is easy with the Grassroots Unwired Mobile App. We have partnered with two big players in the nonprofit payment processing world: iATS and Worldpay. These partnerships allow us to offer our clients simple, easy to use payment services:

  • The option to accept donations online
  • The ability to accept one-time and recurring donations via credit card and ACH in multiple currencies 
  • Seamless API integrations
  • Flat rate structure with no hidden fees
  • PCI Level 1 certification
  • Cards can be swiped even if there is no connectivity (while maintaining PCI compliance)
  • The ability to use SMS or Email to send receipts in real time
  • Encrypted card swipers increase security for both the donor and your organization
  • Real time feedback on Card decline or acceptance – no more chasing down failed transactions
  • Over $30MM has been processed through our platform 

Newest Innovation from Grassroots Unwired


Get more out of participants and spectators on the day of your event.

With new event management functionality that we added to our already groundbreaking mobile platform, Grassroots Unwired has delivered the first truly mobile solution for the day of your big event, our 4EventDay Mobile App.