Blackbaud Integration

Blackbaud Integration

A Grassroots Unwired, we started with a simple principle: Technology can and should create a social impact: grow a constituent base, raise more money, advocate for a cause, and most importantly, be mobile.

The Problem

Tools geared towards non-profits only focus on the online or CRM space. There were no tools that help non-profits reach donors where they are, until now.

The Solution

A mobile first tool for face to face advocacy:

  • GPS-enabled, real-time, data collection tool
  • Robust scripting options
  • PCI compliant card swipes
  • Unique integrations with social and digital
  • Features built specifically to support face to face efforts

A true mobile solution matters: With our “Store and Forward” technology, field based advocacy continues even without data coverage:

  • Charge cards with Encrypted Swiper
  • Accept Survey information
  • Queue up advocacy emails
  • Ping Geo-location information (GPS works without data)
  • When the tablet reconnects, all the data will process quickly

What We Do:

  • Fundraising
    Recurring donations, real time SMS/Email receipts
  • Donation & Data Management
  • Constituent Engagement
  • Validate Vital contact info in real time
  • Fillable PDFs
  • Surveys
  • Custom scripting & multi-lingual capable
  • Door to Door Canvasing
  • Canvasser and Turf Management
  • Event Management

Luminate Online & TeamRaiser Integration

Your users are doing field based advocacy on paper and then having to hand-key everything back into Luminate or TeamRaiser
The Grassroots Unwired platform combines a native mobile app that works regardless of connectivity and a web based platform to manage the work being done by non-profits in the field, face to face.

Luminate Online Integration:

For Face to Face Advocacy and Canvassing


  • Ditch the paper and clipboards
  • Robust scripting options that streamline data collection
  • Powerful mapping tools to efficiently plan a canvass day
  • Real-time reporting and tracking of canvasser activities
  • “Store and Forward” allows canvassers to continue to work even without data coverage
  • Add marketing slides and video to educate and enhance the conversation.
  • Consolidate nationwide results in one central location for easy syncing with Luminate

TeamRaiser Integration:

For “Day of” Run/Walk/Event Fundraising


  • Integrated PCI compliant mobile payment solution eliminates checks and cash
  • Check in participants and register day-of participants
  • Allow participants to “tell their story” through picture, video and text and use this footage to populate your social media feeds
  • Fundraise and sell merchandise
  • Email and text participants after they check in to push peer to peer actions
  • Everything from the field goes into Blackbaud products in real-time

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