Turn PA Blue

Why Grassroots Unwired?

Voter Registration & Pledge to Vote Fillable PDF Forms:

Up until recently, Voter Registration required an army of people to stand in front of crowded supermarkets, attend busy festivals, or clamor on busy street corners to get voters registered. This involved a clipboard, a pen, and typically, a person with a loud voice.  Some states still require a loud voice to register voters, but states like Pennsylvania are beginning to turn to online solutions and digital signatures. As a result, Grassroots Unwired has developed a proprietary system that allows us to create an interactive mobile version of the PA Voter Registration form. Now the soon to be registered voter simply has to plug their information into the form on the tablet, and with one click, submit to their state.


In addition to Voter Registration, the Grassroots Unwired app allows voters to make a commitment to their community with fillable Pledge to Vote PDFs. Remind the voter of their pledge by emailing them the Pledge to Vote PDF after the survey has been submitted.

Real-time SMS and Email Messaging:

When your volunteers are having a face-to-face conversation with a potential voter, it may be your only chance to capture the subjects imperative contact information. This contact information will enable you to start communicating with the voter via SMS and/or Email after the conversation. You can be sure that you are collecting VALID information on the spot with the Grassroots Unwired mobile app; when contact information is submitted our app validates the email address and phone number and will notify the volunteer on the spot if the information entered is not correct. You can then instantly initiate SMS and/or email campaigns through our platform so that reach out leading up to election day is seamless. After the interaction, contact information collected will be integrated right in to your ActionKit instance. Click here to read more about our integrations.  

Nearest Location Feature:

One of your main goals is to increase voter turnout so we want to make voting seem as easy as it really is! The Grassroots Unwired mobile app allows your volunteers to quickly look up and provide the voter with the nearest polling locations to their home and/or place of work, taking all of the guess work out of election day. When the voter is done speaking with your volunteer, they’ll know exactly where to go when it’s time to vote.

Donation Management:

The Grassroots Unwired mobile app allows you to easily accept donations via cash, check, or credit card swipe right on the spot. 

  • Data shows that people feel more secure having their cards swiped as opposed to writing their credit card information down on paper.
  • Our unique integrations allow us to follow PCI compliance guidelines from end to end for cards or ACH.
  • That means you can accept recurring donations via card swipe – no more one-time only when you are out in the field.
  • Cards can be swiped even if there is no connectivity (while maintaining PCI compliance).
  • Encryption card swipers increase security for both the donor and you.
  • Real time feedback on Card decline or acceptance – no more chasing down failed transactions.
  • Optional signature capture protects against future fraud claims
  • Use SMS or Email to send receipts in real time.
  • Over $25MM has been processed through our platform since we launched.
  • We can collect offline payments

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