Donation and Dues Processing

If priority one for you is collecting donations, our mobile app processes donations better then any other product on the market.

  • Our unique integrations allow us to follow PCI compliance guidelines from end to end for cards or ACH.
  • That means you can accept recurring donations via card swipe – no more one-time only when you are out in the field.
  • Cards can be swiped even if there is no connectivity (while maintaining PCI compliance).
  • Recurring donations can be sent from our portal or from your CRM.
  • Encryption card swipers increase security for both the donor and you.
  • Real time feedback on Card decline or acceptance – no more chasing down failed transactions.
  • Optional signature capture protects against future fraud claims
  • Use SMS or Email to send receipts in real time.
  • Over $25MM has been processed through our platform since we launched.

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