Former Congressman Looks Forward to Helping Campaigns Leverage Technology in Their Canvassing Efforts

Grassroots Unwired, the only provider of real-time, GPS-enabled mobile canvassing solutions, is proud to announce that former Congressman Patrick Murphy has agreed to play a key advisory role to the Grassroots Unwired board and staff.

“I’m excited to bring my experiences to this talented team of professionals,” said Congressman Murphy. “I know that while the conversations among pundits will center around undecided or persuadable voters, elections are decided based on turnout – who identifies their supporters and turns them out. The Grassroots Unwired technology is a force multiplier that brings efficiency and accountability to the canvassing process.

“My elections were close enough that having the Grassroots Unwired tool could have certainly made the difference for me. And I’m going to spend the next two months encouraging campaigns to take advantage of this cutting edge technology.”

“Our entire team is honored to have Congressman Murphy on board,” said Grassroots Unwired CEO Russ Oster. “He is a tireless grassroots campaigner who has always been interested in incorporating technology into his campaigns so I can’t think of a better advocate for Grassroots Unwired.

“We know that from now until Election Day, airwaves will be flooded with election ads. But for a variety of reasons, TV is just not moving the needle like it has. Campaigns looking to cut through the clutter know that talking face to face with voters is the surest way to energize your base and persuade the undecided.”

Campaigns are investing a bigger and bigger share of the campaign dollar in canvassing, and with that added spending comes a need to operate more efficiently and with greater accountability.

“Canvassing, while extremely effective, can also be extremely time consuming,” added Murphy. “The Grassroots Unwired platform saves a campaign time from start to finish, and as a candidate, it would give me great comfort to know that my campaigns time is being spent at the doors and not on things like mapping and data entry.”

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