New Feature: Nearest Neighbor Lookup

New Feature: Nearest Neighbor Lookup

Grassroots Unwired has a released a new feature that we believe changes the game in helping your organization gain new supporters and it’s called Nearest Neighbor Lookup.

There is nothing more powerful than additional validation when it comes to getting new supporters to donate to your organization. When you knock on a potential supporters door, how do you let them know about others around them who have already joined your cause?

Meet Nearest Neighbor Lookup

Here’s how it works:

When you get to a door you can use the app to display the names and addresses (and even signatures) of anyone who has participated based on the geolocation of the canvasser using the tablet. You would leave a space where the new supporters information can go once it’s been recorded.

This helps you gain new supporters by instantly showing that others in the neighborhood have taken an action by giving a donation or signing a petition that may affect your community. This also provides the potential new supporter with a sense of security and trust in the canvasser by knowing that other people from the neighborhood have participated.

You can use this page as a marketing tool by incorporating an infographic of your choice on the screen that can show more about the campaign visually.

You can display the most vital information about the nearest neighbor like name, address, and signatures.


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