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Paperless Registration

A User's Guide To: Paperless Registration. Grassroots Unwired.

Eliminate Paper and Save Hours on Post Peer-to-Peer Event Reconciliation

Setting the scene:

So you’ve just completed a successful peer-to-peer event (congratulations!) and naturally you’re completely drained. The night before your event was a late night of last-minute event prep, course setup, volunteer organizing and restless sleep. And as race morning goes, the alarm clock went off well before the sun.

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Breaking Past Your Nonprofit Tech Barriers

You’ve read up on the latest nonprofit technology trends. You know that mobile fundraising, digital marketing and electronic payments are the wave of the future that has already arrived. You admit that even your low tech door to door canvassing would be more effective with the right technology behind it. So what’s holding you back from taking your nonprofit to the next level?

Chances are that your concerns are ones that other organizations, even small, grassroots ones, have faced and overcome. Let’s look at three common barriers and how you can effectively address them.

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