I C Voters

Socially Distanced Canvassing

What a year. In this new reality, you’re working to reimagine how you connect with voters between now and election day, while protecting the safety and well being of your canvassers and volunteers. Now, the newest software solution from Grassroots Unwired lets you adapt to this changing world in a groundbreaking way — I C Voters virtual door-knocking technology.

Nurture connections in creative ways and take advantage of our end-to-end campaign platform

Follow up

Email & SMS post survey follow-up to voters

Follow up

PCI compliant donation capture

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Powerful turf-cutting & canvasser management

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Multilingual scripts

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Real-time reporting

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Integration with VAN

script branching

Robust script branching

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Enterprise-ready: Manage campaigns across state or country

As part of a seamless workflow in our best-in-class canvassing platform, this solution can substitute for traditional door-knocking in a way that facilitates a faster, broader, and more convenient experience for both canvassing team and the voter.

How it works

The I C Voters Portal provides a seamless user experience that helps canvassers connect with voters remotely

1 – Log-on From Anywhere

The portal can be accessed on the canvasser’s device of choice: tablet, mobile device, laptop or desktop. “Cut Turf” and assign lists and scripts to canvassers in real-time.

2 – Text with a link

Unlike a knock on the door, the voter does not need to be home in order to respond or schedule the call.

3 – Link to video chat

Finally, face-to-face with your voters. Canvassers can focus on what matters — building relationships. And since video canvassing can be conducted from anywhere at any time, time of day and time zones are not a barrier.

Get end-to-end insight directly in the application

Schedule time with voters when it’s convenient

Video calls can be recorded and shared as endorsements

Focus on what matters – building relationships.

One of the largest challenges ahead of us all is adopting new ways of fostering genuine human connections without being physically present with one another. By using our end-to-end virtual canvassing platform, you can spend more time connecting with interested parties and getting to deeper levels of outreach. We are able to capture moments of real connection despite the space between us.

Every tool in our end-to-end platform is coordinated to ensure an enjoyable and seamless voter outreach experience.

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