Upland Mobile Messaging Integration


Two people on their mobile phonesWith a 96% open rate, mobile messaging campaigns are an effective way to reach your supporters and motivate them to take action. Whether your effort is advocacy, fundraising, volunteer management, or voter registration, with Upland Mobile Messaging, you can send informative text messages, direct phone calls, and set up mobile fundraising campaigns to educate your list and achieve positive outcomes. A great way to grow your supporter list is by canvassing, and several Grassroots Unwired clients use both tools (GRU and Upland Mobile Messaging) to collect contact information and then engage with enthusiasts. However, the need to simplify the process and reduce the time between obtaining contact information in the field to connecting the information into Upland Mobile Messaging in order to immediately start communicating with supporters was a growing issue.

Challenge: Extremely manual, tedious, and timely process for GRU clients:

Without an integration, Grassroots Unwired clients experienced an extremely manual, tedious, and timely process, which would strain already stretched and limited human resources. Team members would have to download a list of field-collected subjects with their contact information and manually upload it to their Upland Mobile Messaging account before they could start engaging with these individuals.

Solution: Streamlined Upland Mobile Messaging integration

Understanding client pain points, it made sense that having an integration between Grassroots Unwired and Upland Mobile Messaging should be an area of focus. With the integration, mutual clients have an easy, seamless way to transfer any subject information, obtained in the field with the Grassroots Unwired mobile app, directly into their Upland Mobile Messaging account, immediately.

Benefits: Faster time to engagement and more focus on achieving positive outcomes

Utilizing the integration between GRU and Upland Mobile Messaging, joint customers are able to quickly start reaching out to supporters with calls to action, such as: reminders to donate, connecting constituents with their legislators, requests for volunteer support, and register to vote reminders. This has allowed team members to put more effort on driving engaging conversations and motivating action.