4EventDay Mobile Solution

Because the Day of Your Event Is as Critical to Your Org as How You Got There

Online Peer-to-Peer tools create awareness, generate interest, and drive participation, however, the day of your event is what creates a lasting impact.

If you are still using spreadsheets on paper and online-only payment solutions on the day of your event you’re wasting time, losing money, and missing a huge opportunity to engage and retain participants.

It’s time to expect a day-of experience that is as digitally connected and seamless as your online tools, the 4EventDay mobile app.

I C Voters offers powerful virtual canvassing capabilities that help your team cultivate connections with voters.

The 4EventDay Mobile Platform picks up where your online tools leave off

Whether you’re hosting a 5K Fundraiser, walk, swim, or bike event, 4EventDay Mobile App has the features you need.

Easily provide your digital canvassers with customized scripts for different voter types and conversation topics.

API integration with your CRM instance

Easily connect your CRM instance to our platform to allow for a seamless sync of pre-registered participants, product types, and registration questions.

The IC Voters virtual canvassing platform can integrate with VAN so that everything your campaign needs is in one place.

Reporting Suite which can be made available to a third party timing company

Real Time Tracking of: Event Check-ins, Registrations, and Donations, bib assignments, and more.

Divide up virtual canvassing within I C Voters.

Day of participant check-in

Scan barcodes for quick seamless check-ins. View pre-registered participants t-shirt size, fundraising totals, and race selection before getting them checked-in with a click of a button.

Virtual canvassing allows your team to easily connect with voters in whatever language they speak.

Work offline

Works even if you don’t have cell or wifi coverage.

The Grassroots Unwired canvassing app includes powerful turf management capabilities.

Day of participant registration

Register walk-up participants and collect their registration payment.

The IC Voters virtual canvassing platform can integrate with VAN so that everything your campaign needs is in one place.

Assign Bib numbers on the fly

Assign bib numbers on the fly in the app. The bib numbers are then immediately available for a third party timing company.

Securely process payments within the I C Voters virtual canvassing platform.

Donation Capture

Collect day-of donations with Grassroots Unwired proprietary payment capture and card reader integration and easily track cash and check donations.

The IC Voters virtual canvassing platform works for a variety of campaign sizes.

Rewards Tracking

Quickly see what rewards a participant qualifies for based on their fundraising total and mark their items as picked up.

How it works

Virtual canvassing can be conducted from any location, on any internet-connected device.

Initial Setup

Our caring team will walk you through setting up our API connection and getting onboard with our integrated payment system. They will ask thoughtful questions about the day-of your event to make sure you are utilizing all of our available features.

Build connections with voters safely through virtual canvassing.

Detailed Training & Ongoing Support

Our team will get you trained on our user friendly mobile app and provide you with the devices you need for the day of your event. We will have a point of contact available for the day-of your event to answer any questions that come up.

Virtual canvassing technology allows you to safely connect with voters face-to-face.

Event Day!

Check-in your pre-registered participants, register walk-ups and gather pertinent contact information, collect donations, track rewards, and sell swag! Eliminate post event data entry!

Eliminate Post Event Data Entry

Whether we sync your data back to your CRM for you or provide you with a comprehensive file containing all of your day-of transactions; eliminate the errors, time, and the headache of post data entry.

The I C Voters virtual canvassing platform makes it easy to gather and report all your digital door-knocking data in one place.

After years of running our “day-of” run/walk activities on paper,
it was a relief to leverage Grassroots Unwired to make the whole experience more efficient and accountable.
And I LOVE not having to do data entry after a long day at the event.

Nicole Kersting

Sr. Manager – Development, Be The Match Foundation

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