Platform Features

Tablet Platform

  • Using our uploader, you can pre-load data to populate the platform.
  • Using the Dashboard, create complex survey workflows that show up immediately on the tablet.
  • Use the tablet to process Dues and Donations securely.
  • Use the tablet to scan driver’s licenses for quick address input.
  • Use the email and SMS feature for advocacy messaging or real-time follow up with constituents.
  • Easily verify Cell Phones and Emails to put the cleanest data back into your database.
  • View progress on the screen in real-time.
  • Your mobile app can be custom branded, including Logos, Colors, Videos and Marketing Materials


Online Platform

  • Use the Dashboard to view results live and in real-time.
  • Create groups using our “Crew” management feature.
  • With the robust Turf Cutting feature, make life easier for your field teams.
  • Export Custom Reports and watch as real-time results populate the screen.
  • See where your data has the most/least density with interesting Heat Maps.
  • Use the database to manage recurring donations.
  • With built-in tools you can detect Canvasser fraud quickly and discreetly.


Other Platform Features

  • Street Canvassing
  • GPS address look-up
  • Complete field level customization
  • Mobile Shopping Cart
  • Easy Data Export
  • Color Coded Turf cutting
  • Multi-Lingual Scripting
  • Scheduling and Calendar tool