Mapping and Location Accountability

These days, everyone has a powerful mapping tool in our pockets – whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone- we’ve all grown accustomed to a digital device telling us where we need to be and the most efficient way to get there.

Well, our platform at Grassroots Unwired (GRU) is no different. Our mapping tools will be available at your fingertips. You can outline areas for canvassers to tackle and see where your canvassers are at all times. You can shift the map based on density or changes in the data, ensuring that your canvassers are knocking on doors and not sitting at the local coffee shop. We have baked some extras into the application that will help keep your canvassers accountable, which in turn, will inspire them to expand their efforts and maintain their commitments to the cause.

Never confuse motion with action.
–Benjamin Franklin


  • Cut turf within the GRU platform and assign areas to specific canvassers.
  • Cut turf for future walk days.
  • Create Smartmaps: Color code the pins on the map using information from your dataset, so you can see the types of homes canvassers will be visiting in order to assign them accordingly.
  • Drop an unlimited number of pins on the map.
  • Visualize where you have been and where you have yet to go with our heat maps.


User Locations

  • Monitor the areas where canvassers will be interacting with the public for safety and accountability reasons.
  • See where canvassers are at all times.
  • Make sure canvassers are in their designated zones, hitting the doors on their assigned turf.
  • Adjust your field staff to cover the areas that are not being canvassed.
  • Monitor your canvassers’ progress in real-time.
  • See where surveys are being entered and where they log in and out.
  • Our platform will flag false surveys on the map.
  • Overlay shape files onto the map to see boundaries, such as precincts, while you are working.