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Improve Your Advocacy Skills: 4 Effective Methods

Grassroots advocacy campaigns require inventive planning, a deep knowledge of the advocacy landscape, and unwavering dedication to your cause. Of course, to make the most of these factors, you’ll also need to have strong advocacy skills and know how to put them to use. 

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ByGrassroots Unwired

Planning a Bikeathon Fundraiser: The Complete Guide

One of the most popular fundraising event types for nonprofits and advocacy groups is a-thon style fundraisers. These types of events ask participants to collect donations from their friends and family based on their ability to do an activity as much as or as long as possible. For example, you’ve probably heard of charity walkathons, and swimathons have grown in popularity.

A bikeathon fundraiser is very similar to a walkathon or swimathon, except that you ask participants to bike a set course to raise funds for your cause. The peer-to-peer fundraising component of a cycle event works the same way: participants share individual fundraising pages with their friends and family, who pledge to donate based on how far their loved one cycles. Read More