For Campaign Managers

As a Campaign Manager, our mapping & real-time reporting tools will be available at your fingertips. You can outline areas for your canvassers to tackle and track where they are in their assigned route throughout the day. You can shift the map based on density or changes in the data, ensuring that your canvassers are knocking on doors and not sitting at the local coffee shop. We have built-in canvasser fraud protection into our application to ensure that your canvassers are accountable, which in turn, will inspire them to expand their efforts and maintain their commitment to the cause.

Never confuse motion with action.
–Benjamin Franklin

Turf Management

  • Cut turf for today or future dates within the GRU platform and assign areas to specific canvassers.
  • Create Smartmaps: Color code the pins on the map using information from your dataset, so you can see the types of homes canvassers will be visiting in order to assign them accordingly.
  • Drop an unlimited number of pins on the map.
  • Visualize where you have been and where you have yet to go with our heat maps.

Change Your Focus on the Fly

  • Make shift changes as canvassing data comes in based on how your canvassers are doing (i.e., number of doors knocked on) or whom they have been able to reach (responses received).
  • Provide real-time tracking to district managers; they can have their own login or you can relay the data to members of your team.
  • Send new targets or scripts out to the field with a click of a button so no one has to return to the office to get it.

User Locations & Management

  • Monitor the areas where canvassers will be interacting with the public for safety and accountability reasons.
  • See where canvassers are at all times, in real-time, and make sure canvassers are in their designated zones, hitting the doors on their assigned turf.
  • Adjust your field staff to cover the areas that are not being canvassed.
  • Our platform will flag false surveys on the map.
  • Overlay shape files onto the map to see boundaries, such as precincts, while you are working.
  • Crew Builder: Organize your field workers into teams by assigning them to crews, track their results both individually and as a crew.
  • Security levels: Customize security settings to dictate who has access to what data.


All activities from the field are logged into the GRU platform in real-time including:

  • Survey start and end times.
  • Length of surveys.
  • Latitude/longitude of each attempted survey.
  • Gap times in between surveys.
  • Total time in the field and total time doing the work
  • Read more

Real-time Data

  • Incoming data can be reviewed by field directors in real time back at HQ in our web application. Instantly view the responses and metrics that matter to you.
  • The customizable dashboard provides a live snapshot of your efforts at any given time.


  • Reports can be used to compile survey responses or to show how many donations were received.
  • If you are running multiple scripts, you can easily see which ones are getting the better responses, including A/B testing comparisons.
  • Work with our Customer Success team to customize reports and data displays, as needed.
  • Display custom reports on the tablets so your canvassers in the field can see the metrics you want them to see while they are working.

At Grassroots Unwired, we have the benefit of years of in-house experience: from our campaign warriors to our professional canvassers and our outstanding community volunteers, we have seen it all. We know that information needs to be accurately collected so you can use it to empower your campaign or cause. From the beginning, we’ve understood that our platform needs to be able to navigate the incoming stats from the field in rapid fire so that you can measure your progress before, during, and after your work in the field is complete.

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.
–Albert Einstein

Whether the question is how many doors were knocked on in the last hour or how much money has been raised or how many petitions have been signed, if you need the data, we can display it for you.

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