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Our Advocacy Work

Advocacy has become a mainstay in our Democracy. And it can take many different forms, such as protesting at a rally, sending a letter to or calling your representative, signing a petition or even posting a political perspective on social media. Yet, regardless of the various forms of advocacy available in the technological age, the best way to galvanize support for a cause remains talking to people directly. Based on our clients’ experiences, GRU has learned that having a conversation with someone is the most effective means of building a relationship and getting someone to take action.

focus_advocacy1Mobile technology has made it possible to bring what has typically been viewed as web-based activity into a mobile environment to garner real-time results. Using the Grassroots Unwired platform, canvassers will have with them an unlimited number of petitions or surveys and the results will appear instantly on the reporting Dashboard.

A canvasser can enroll someone on the spot and then, a second later, that person can send an email to a legislator about a specific policy initiative that matters to him. Or a canvasser can collect donations for her cause. And thanks to the integration between Grassroots Unwired and Mobile Commons, cell phone numbers collected in the field can be fed into the SMS marketing strategy system in real time. The mobile platform enables our clients to go where people spend most of their time as opposed to blanketing the abyss of social media with the hope of getting support. Finally, GRU’s mobile platform is tailored to specific people in specific places, combining old-fashioned conversation with powerful technology to create an intimate, yet powerful experience. A perfect example of this are the yearly Homeless Census projects collaborate on with non-profits across the country.