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On Election Day, why wait for turnout numbers at 10am/2pm/5pm?

Now you can turn your EDay office into a real time War Room with Grassroots Unwired

Real Time Voter Check-Off

Use our IPhone/Android mobile app to track raw turnout numbers or the names of those who have voted – either way, you’ll have the data as soon as it’s entered into a phone. And if you do place ‘checkers’ inside the polls then the voters marked as voted will be sent to your phone banks and your canvassers in real time so that they don’t waste time and you don’t waste money contacting people who have already voted. 

Heat maps will show trends in real time. 

If precincts are trending red, you’ll know to focus your GOTV resources there. Then watch them turn blue as the real time data you are collecting allows you to command your War Room like the General that you are!

Design charts and graphs to show aggregate turnout numbers against the campaign’s expected turnout.

Drill down further to see raw data coming in from individual counties and individual precincts within those counties.

War Room with Grassroots Unwired