Union Organizing

Your ability to organize is under attack, but our technology levels the playing field. 

The Right Wing is doing their best to obstruct your ability to organize your membership. 

That’s why the California School Employee Association came to us for a tech-based solution for their membership signups and retention. CSEA’s goal was to streamline the process of signing up members and efficiently collect dues during site visits.

After using the Grassroots Unwired platform, the results were dramatic. They signed up more members and persuaded them to take more actions.

This gave the staff an opportunity to do what they do best: O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.E

Location Based Lists
Present organizers with target lists based on the location of the worksites where members and potential members work.
Member Info at Your Fingertips
Once at a worksite, find members via the alpha list and pull up all the information organizers need to do their job.
Add and Edit Information
Fill in any missing information about a target or correct outdated information. Convenient drop down menus ensure consistent data across your database.
Capture New Member Info Securely and Quickly
Sensitive info like SSN is immediately encrypted on our end to protect both you and the applicant. Your database is updated in real time.
Capture a digital signature
Fulfill all the legal requirements of the forms being filled out.
Take Voluntary Deductions
Use our PCI-secure credit card and ACH options. Additional screens can ID them on campaigns and issues important to your organization.
Real-Time Follow-Up
As soon as the survey is submitted, an email of your design is sent to the member. An encrypted copy of the form they just filled out is attached to the email.
No More Paper - No More Data Entry
Also in real time, a completed form is emailed to a designee in your office for your records and for further electronic distribution.
All of the data from the form is stored in your database.

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  • Run a Signature Drive

  • Register Voters

  • Enhance Your Polling

  • Fundraise in the Field

  • Door to Door Made Efficient and Accountable

  • Real Time Email Follow-up

  • Display Digital Content

  • Enhance Your Social Media with Content Captured in the Field

  • Run A VBM Campaign

  • Real Time Election Day

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