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A Custom Out-of-the-Box Solution

Opening a boxWhat do you think of when you hear, “out-of-the-box”? An example that may come to mind is our personal cell phones. They come in a box, ready to use but we have to configure them; add SIM cards, login to our email accounts, download all our necessary apps. But how nice would it be if your personal cell phone came to your door already configured to you and your needs as a “custom out-of-the-box solution”?

A package just for youJust like people, your organization is unique, there is no other like it. So why should your mobile solution for your next campaign or fundraising event be like all the rest? It doesn’t have to be! Grassroots Unwired has developed a solution that will ensure a mobile application, tailored to your organizations specific needs, is installed on an Android tablet (with 4G data service) and delivered to your doorstep the day your campaign or fundraising event kicks off.

According to CargasCustom solutions offer businesses with highly specialized issues an opportunity to overcome even the most overwhelming obstacles“.  Reach out to us today to learn about how we can help your organization overcome even the most overwhelming obstacles with our custom out of the box solution.

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Lung Cancer Alliance: Philadelphia Lung Love Run/Walk

lung cancer alliance swag

Grassroots Unwired believes in going the extra mile with groundbreaking technology built to better the lives and experiences of others. Which is why are honored to support organizations like Lung Cancer Alliance for their run/walk events. Lung Cancer Alliance’s Lung Love Run/Walks are more than just that– they are a community gathering to support and unite those who are affected by lung cancer.

The Lung Love Run/Walk day-of is typically made up of a small yet mighty community engagement team, collecting new registrations and check-in information with a pen and paper. The team would then manually enter this data following the event, which can be extremely cumbersome. At the Philadelphia Lung Love Run/Walk, Lung Cancer Alliance’s community engagement team used Grassroots Unwired’s mobile platform to:

  • Register new day-of participants
  • Accept donations
  • Eliminate post-race manual data entry

lung cancer alliance volunteerI had the honor of being on the ground for the Philadelphia Lung Love Run/Walk as volunteer. Being there in-person was especially eye-opening in witnessing how the community engagement team hustles; from pre-race stretches to last minute registrations, time is of the essence for all involved. With Grassroots Unwired, Lung Cancer Alliance was able to quickly and seamlessly register 49 new participants and reached a fundraising milestone of $159,327 bringing them that much closer to their goal of $175,000!

Grassroots Unwired is thrilled about this new partnership with Lung Cancer Alliance and looking forward to working with them again for their 2018 Lung Love Walk – Houston. Visit to find out how you can get involved.


– Written by Chelsea Lapent, Grassroots Unwired Account Executive

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Top 3 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Takeaways We Learned at BBCon 2018

This year Grassroots Unwired brought their biggest team yet to Blackbaud’s annual customer conference in Orlando, Florida.

Just in case your head is still spinning from attending inspirational keynotes, product roadmap sessions and intensive report-building sessions, we distilled the top three takeaways for peer to peer fundraisers:

  1. A trend that may continue into 2019 is a shift toward walk events. While running, cycling and endurance fundraising events have seen a decrease in revenue since 2012, walk events have actually grown 5% in the same time period. This shift is most likely due to a walk event’s accessibility, which allows team captains to recruit more supporters per event and ultimately, raise more funds.
  2. Millenials are moving away from traditional donation channels, (think: giving to institutions via planned giving) to DIY and crowdfunding which are typically not event-based or driven by the organization. Only 18% of fundraisers want to support national causes showing a significant downmarket shift.
  3. Peer-to-Peer fundraising still beats the ROI of traditional fundraising efforts like direct mail and email for acquisition of new donors. Events in particular can be a great opportunity to galvanize your supporters and engage them year over year to cultivate them into your top donors.

If you missed checking out our sponsor booth, you can learn more about our integration with Blackbaud here.

– Written by Cynthia León, Grassroots Unwired VP of Business Development

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2018 Collaborative Conference-Inclusion by Design 2.0

This past week, Grassroots Unwired traveled out to Happy Valley, PA for an opportunity to attend the 2018 Collaborative Conference: Inclusion by Design 2.0. The conference was organized by the Alliance for Nonprofit Resources (ANR), the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania (CAAP), and the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO). In attendance were almost 300 leaders at nonprofit organizations from across the state, as well as a few groups that support their work (like us!).

Here are some quick numbers about the power of nonprofit organizations in the U.S.:

  • The nonprofit sector is home to the country’s third largest workforce (behind retail and manufacturing) ¹
  • 1.4 million nonprofits employ 11.4 million workers ¹
  • Nonprofits contributed to 5.4% of the country’s GDP in 2013 ²
  • Pennsylvania nonprofits employ over 15% of the state’s workforce (approximately 727,200 people) ³

The keynote speaker, Vu Le, executive director of Rainer Valley Corps (and blogger extraordinaire of Nonprofit AF), spoke to the unique challenges and joys of working in the nonprofit industry. With humor peppered throughout, as well as pictures of cute animals in his presentation slides, Le explained his takes on equity, nonprofit funding, bizsplaining, and more. An important point he made about the impact of nonprofit organizations is that it is like air in that “people take it for granted because we do not see it and we don’t take much time to think about it until it is no longer there.” 4

We appreciated learning from these incredible Pennsylvania community leaders whether in workshops or in smaller conversations. For me personally as a new Philadelphia resident, I was excited to hear about nonprofits’ impact within the community. A common theme of several workshops was finding creative ways to engage with community members, from more effective outreach through technology to creative partnerships with unlikely organizations. I was thankful that this added to my understanding of how I personally as well as within this team could better promote the empowerment of nonprofit missions through the use of innovative technology.

– Written by Yuzuka Akasaka, Grassroots Unwired Sales Development Representative

² Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy

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Breaking Past Your Barriers to Nonprofit Technology: Three Common Problems and Solutions

You’ve read up on the latest nonprofit technology trends. You know that mobile fundraising, digital marketing and electronic payments are the wave of the future that has already arrived. You admit that even your low tech door to door canvassing would be more effective with the right technology behind it. So what’s holding you back from taking your nonprofit to the next level?

Chances are that your concerns are ones that other organizations, even small, grassroots ones, have faced and overcome. Let’s look at three common barriers and how you can effectively address them.

1) Budget

Yes, the dreaded “b” word. “Small” would be a kind word to describe your technology budget. That incredible software solution that you did include in your budget may require all sorts of hardware that is not in your budget. You are not alone, and, in response, many resources have been developed to help organizations like yours. There is an entire world of programs and websites which offer free or discounted software, services, or hardware. Some of the better known resources include Techsoup, Idealware, or Google for Nonprofits. There are also many, many grants out there for non-profits in all sectors which can help fund the technology solutions you need. Grantwatch, for example, has an extensive, real time database of thousands of grants.

2) Training

Your staff is dedicated and passionate about your mission, but not so tech savvy. Your volunteers are enthusiastic, but they freeze when they see that new device.  Or maybe you, yourself, feel overwhelmed by the nuances of the digital world. Not a problem! Certainly any industry specific software or hardware that you purchase should include staff training as part of the package, but what about more basic training? Again, the nonprofit tech community has you covered. The Center for Nonprofit Resources has a great list of training programs available to nonprofits in all areas.

3) Mobile Solutions

Your most effective work isn’t done only in your office. Out in the field is where you can reach the most people with your message. But that is also where your digital service breaks down, rendering your technology useless. It can make you yearn for a pen and paper that never needs wi-fi coverage or loses functionality in a bad cell. On the other hand, with pen and paper you also get lost information and hours of data entry. Fortunately, digital solutions are available that work even when digital service is not. Grassroots Unwired, for example, offers a mobile app that works offline when needed and allows all the data collected to integrate back to your CRM.

Any discussion of nonprofit technology support is incomplete without mention of the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). NTEN is a membership group of nonprofit technology professionals created to help nonprofits use all aspects of technology more effectively. Their annual Nonprofit Technology Conference is attended by thousands and showcases a huge variety of nonprofit technology solutions and innovations.

Moving your nonprofit forward requires forward thinking technology. Take advantage of the many resources that are out there to help you along.

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The support you need, when you need it

When organizing a grassroots campaign with a team of canvassers you need the right support, and you need it ASAP.

Grassroots Unwired was founded with a deep understanding of the challenges that canvassers face on a daily basis. That’s why we have a dedicated Customer Success team dedicated to provide:

  • Technical support, onboarding and training for your admin users
  • Phone and email support Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM EST.
  • Phone and email support for weekend canvassing as requested
  • Online portal for support and customer feedback & device orders

Anthony is here and ready to help! Meet the rest of our team.

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Team Mission

As a startup, we are constantly developing our tech and growing our team to support it. Our intern recently posted the following questions on the conference room wall, handed out post-its, and asked the team to anonymously place our answers underneath each question. The team’s responses were overwhelming and speak volumes about who we are as a company.

This exercises clearly demonstrates that our team upholds the same values that led our CEO to start this company; justice, integrity, serving the greater good, and above all else, reliable tech.

My personal favorite question, “Why do you get out of bed to come to work each day?”. It seems likely that the responses to this question would be something along the lines of, “to pay my bills”, or,”for my family”, which are both valid responses. However, the answers our team gave to this question is what sets us apart; we believe in our tech, we get out of bed to make the world a better place.

It is clear that the employees here at Grassroots Unwired care for the community and the non-profit organizations that we work hard for everyday. We aren’t just, “punching the clock”; there is passion in the work that each and every one of us do and we are grateful to do it.

Diana McMillan
Director of Operations

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Mobile Platform for “Day of” Run/Walk/Event Fundraisers

Get more out of participants and spectators on the day of your event with the Grassroots Unwired App. Our integrated mobile payment solution eliminates checks and cash. And works even if you don’t have cell or wifi coverage.

Our clients came to us with a problem: how do they extend the online tools they use to organize an event and register participants, to the day of the event where currently, everything happens on paper: multiple spreadsheets across the process, writing down credit card numbers and taking cash and checks, rushing new registrant info to the timing company, and when it’s over, doing all the back end data entry needed to get everything into the CRM.

Grassroots Unwired built a solution: With new functionality added to our already groundbreaking mobile platform, Grassroots Unwired has delivered the first truly mobile solution for the day of your big event.

Key Features:


“After years of running our “day-of” run/walk activities on paper, it was a relief to leverage Grassroots Unwired to make the whole experience more efficient and accountable. And I LOVE not having to do data entry after a long day at the event.”
Nicole Kerstin
Sr. Manager – Development, Be The Match Foundation


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Grassroots Unwired at NTEN 2018

Grassroots Unwired is pleased to announce that we will be at NTEN’s Non-profit Technology Conference for the second year in a row!

Come see us at booth #607 to see what all the buzz is about our technology. We’ll be happy to show you in person how we can upgrade your face-to-face program or advocacy work with our cutting edge technology and new multi-lingual features.

See our mobile app in action and sign a petition supporting Moms Demand Action and asking Congress to implement sensible gun laws.

For every petition signed, Grassroots Unwired will make a donation to Moms Demand Action because we believe that together we can make our communities safer.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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Canvassing in over 60 Languages – Grassroots Unwired Has It!

We Just Took Advocacy and Organizing to a Whole New Level!


Our most groundbreaking new feature since 2016.
Allow the canvasser to instantly change the script language from English to over 60 other languages/writing systems based on canvasser or voter preference.

Whether your targeted voter is more comfortable using a non-English language or your canvasser is, having the ability to flip the script to that language will make your advocacy efforts more meaningful and your canvassing more valuable.

Contact us today to learn more